About Us

A lifestyle brand for those down, but not out. 

Bad & Moody is no good, all worries. 
In a world of “live, laugh, love” Bad & Moody is “rage, cry, get by.”
Bad & Moody is a Latina woman-owned business prioritizing mental health through relatable apparel based in South Florida. Lauren Balsamo, the brain behind the brand is a Graphic Designer by day, day-dreamer by night who is solving the problem of connecting a disconnected community. This is a lifestyle brand for those down, but not out.

The real heartbeat behind this apparel and accessory brand is something we all know well, sad songs. Inspired by the emo movement of her youth -and all the incredible music that came before- Bad & Moody is a vibe that speaks to the realness of what we were all experiencing but with the charm of an adorable emo boy with bangs in his face and black nail polish on his fingers.

The brand’s supporters, affectionately known as The Moody Crew, are a group of people who understand the ups and downs in life, but mostly the downs. If you’re sick of seeing these cute brands quoting the same positive sayings on products- you need to join us.

As much personality as the brand itself brings, the products bring it even more! You can find spacious totes big enough to hold your emotional baggage (quite literally since Emotional Baggage is printed across it), custom wine labels with QR codes linking to carefully curated playlists and intensely soft sweatshirts baring the phrase “No good. All worries.” The best seller is a tee bearing a heart design with the phrase “Alive and Anxious,” which might be the most relatable saying of 2020. Designed in Miami, made in the USA, felt everywhere.

Share our sentiments? If you’d like to feature Bad & Moody in your shop, start a collab, or find out more, send us your thoughts: support@badandmoody.com